ОГЭ 9 Тема: A (Межличностные) взаимоотношения в семье


A Married couple and their little kids are making a pie or a dessert in the kitchen at home. The parents are teaching their children to cook domestic food, the siblings are helping to mom and dad.

о чём говорить в этой теме:

A Family Tree – Члены семьи

Helen is Minerva's grandmother                       - бабушка.

Rachel is Sophie 's sister-in-law                        - невестка.

Sophie is Alexandra's aunt                      - тётушка

Kenneth is Michael's uncle                     - дядюшка

Michael and Simon are cousins             - двоюродные братья

Sam is Paul's father-in-law                      - тесть

Helen is Rachel's mother-in-law                        - свекровь

Robert is Margaret's brother                    - брат

Paul is Kenneth's brother-in-law                       - шурин

Rachel is Robert's wife                             - жена

A Family Profile - Расскажи о семье

Do you know your mother's maiden name?

Are you an only child or do you have siblings?

Are you happy about it?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How long have you been going out with each other?

What character in a famous tale had a horrible stepmother? In what ways was she horrible? (Cinderella)

Are single parents most often mothers or fathers? Why?


Ages - Возраст

infancy: be a baby, wear nappies

childhood: go to summer camps, go to kindergarten

adolescence: be a teenager, go to summer camps, fall in love

youth: be a bride/a bridegroom, propose to somebody, go out with/date someone, be single, get pregnant, go on a honeymoon, get engaged, be grown-up/an adult, fall in love, have a wedding

adulthood: be single, be a parent, be grown-up/an adult, be divorced, adopt a child, bring up children, have a career

middle age: have grandchildren, be a widow/a widower

old age: retire, have grandchildren, be a widow/a widower, be buried (funeral)


Household chores – Работа по дому

washing clothes                            - стирка

washing-up                                                 - мытьё посуды

cleaning                                           - чистка, уборка

ironing                                             - глажение одежды

cooking                                           - готовка еды

walking the dog                             - гуляние с собакой

feeding a pet                                  - кормление домашнеего животного

taking rubbish out                        - вынос мусора

doing the shopping                      - хождение за покупками

vacuum-cleaning                          - уборка пылесосом

paying utility bills                          - оплата коммунальных услуг

watering plants                              - полив комнатных растений

mending clothes                           - штопание одежды

тексты на эту тему:

Parents and Friends

I don’t think it’s fair that we can’t choose our parents. We can choose friends but why can't we choose relatives? I am not complaining, I think my parents and other members of my family are great people. However, I am not sure I want to spend so much time with them. I have a good relationship with my grandparents and I see them as my friends. My parents know that I am a teenager and they know that teenagers often have arguments with their parents. Why can’t they try and get on well with me?! I really want more independence from my parents. If I never try to solve my own problems, how will I ever learn to do it? Of course, nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and I sometimes let them down. All I want is that sometimes they simply leave me in peace with my own thoughts. I can talk to them when I want to. Now tell me why this isn’t fair?

Our school psychologist says that when I become an adult, I will probably understand that I have a lot of things in common with my mum and dad. I hope she is right and I can become closer to them then. Right now though, they want me to come to them if I am in trouble. That’s not how I will bring up my children. I will look after my children but I will also give them a lot of freedom. They will share their problems with me if they want to but I will never push them to do it.

When I fall out with my best friend I can stop seeing her for some time but I can’t stop seeing my parents if they let me down. And I will never want to tell my parents if I split up with my girlfriend. I have to go through so many personal problems every day I don’t want to share them all with anybody. If a friend of mine wants to talk about personal problems, that is fine. We are both teenagers we can understand each other. When my parents force me to talk to them it makes me angry. How can they understand me? They are thirty-five years old!

Housework is different. I don’t mind helping my mum. She has a full-time job and she is always very busy. My younger sister helps my mother to prepare dinner and she is very good at setting the table before meals. She is also responsible for watering all the pot plants in our flat. I keep my room clean, well, most of the time and, if my father lets me, I like to help him clear the snow from our car in winter. My sister always wants to help my mother with shopping but they also ask me to go shopping with them when they want to buy a lot of groceries. When my sister and I have free time at home, we like to watch TV and play computer games. My sister usually beats me at most fighting games like Street Fighter. She is really fast. My sister also likes reading science fiction books like Star Wars. This is weird because most people like the film. I like our flat because it is a friendly place.

If I could change anything about our flat, I would have my own room. I don’t like sharing one room with my sister.

Parents used to pay me a little money for doing some household chores. When my sister grew up I had competition and my parents decided not to pay me for doing the chores. My sister and I used to wash the dishes a lot. Then my parents bought a dishwasher. We have to clean our room of course. And sometimes mother asks me to clean the bathroom but only as a punishment. My sister doesn’t mind doing the chores. She likes to keep things clean around the house. She also likes cooking. She thinks it is fun because you always get something to eat when you have finished. I like helping my father with our car. It is never boring.

Our school psychologist says that parents should not give their children money for doing chores. She says that when we grow up and have our own families nobody will pay us. But I still don’t understand why they can’t pay us some money. She is right though when she says that children should start helping around the house when they are still very young. They can do simple things at first and they can make a habit of doing it. It is much harder to start doing household chores when you are a teenager. Because what you want to do as a teenager mostly is to be left alone and never grow up.


выучите 55 слов и выражений для этой темы

grandmother n count [ˈgrænd ˌmʌð.əʳ] бабушка
sister-in-law n count [ˈsɪs.t|əʳinˈlɔː] невестка(жена брата)
aunt n count [ɑːnt] тётка
uncle n count [ˈʌŋ.kᵊl] дядька
cousin n count [ˈkʌz.ᵊn] двоюродная сестра, двоюродный брат
father-in-law n count [ˈfɑː.ðəʳ.ɪn.lɔ:] тесть
mother-in-law n count [ˈmʌð.ᵊr.ɪnˌlɔː] теща, свекровь
brother n count [ˈbrʌð.əʳ] брат
brother-in-law n count [ˈbrʌð|.əʳ.ɪn.lɔː] (sister's husband)зять, (wife's brother)шурин, (husband's brother)деверь, (wife's sister's husband)свояк
stepmother n count [ˈstepˌmʌð.əʳ] мачеха
stepfather n count [ˈstepˌfɑː.ðəʳ] отчим
maiden name n count [ˈmeɪ.dᵊn neɪm] фамилия матери до замужества, фамилия в девичестве
sibling n count [ˈsɪb.lɪŋ] брат или сестра
steady adj - [ˈsted|.i] (зд.) постоянный
single adj - [ˈsɪŋ.g|ᵊl] не женатый(о мужчине), не замужняя(о женщине)
parent n count [ˈpeə.rᵊn|t] родитель
infancy n uncount [ˈɪn.fənt .s|i] младенчество
childhood n uncount [ˈʧaɪld.hʊd] детство
adolescence n uncount [ˌæd.ᵊlˈes.ᵊnt s] юность
youth n uncount [juː|θ] молодость
adulthood n uncount [ˈæd.ʌlt.hʊd] зрелый возраст
adult n count [ˈæd.ʌlt] взрослый
old age n uncount [ʹɜʊldeɪʤ] пожилой возраст
washing clothes n uncount [wɒ∫ıŋ'kləʊðz] стирка
washing-up n uncount [ˌwɒʃ.ɪŋˈʌp] мытьё посуды
cleaning n uncount [ʹkli:nɪŋ] чистка, уборка
ironing n uncount ['aɪənɪŋ] глажение одежды
cooking n uncount [kʊkɪŋ] готовка, приготовление пищи
walking the dog n uncount [wɔːkɪŋðə'dɒg] выгуливание собаки
feeding a pet n uncount [fiːdɪŋǝ'pet] кормление домашнего животного
taking rubbish out n uncount [ˈteɪ.kɪŋðəˈrʌb.ɪʃaʊt] вынос мусора
doing the shopping n uncount [ˈduː.ɪŋðəˈʃɒp.ɪŋ] хождение за покупками
vacuum-cleaning n uncount [ˈvæk.juːmkliːnɪŋ] уборка пылесосом
paying utility bills n uncount [peɪɪŋjuːˈtɪl.ə.t|ibɪlz] оплата коммунальных счетов
watering plants n uncount [wɔː.t|əʳɪŋ'plɑːnts] поливание (комнатных) растений
mending clothes n uncount [mendɪŋ'kloʊðz] штопание одежды
relation n count [rɪˈleɪ.ʃᵊn] родственник
relationship n uncount [rɪˈleɪ.ʃᵊn.ʃɪp] взаимоотношение
teenager n count [ˈtiːnˌeɪ.ʤəʳ] подросток
argument n count [ˈɑːg.jə.mənt] спор
to get on with smb phrasal verb intr - уживаться, ладить с кем-то
to solve problems . verb phrase tr - решать проблемы
to make mistakes . verb phrase tr - совершать ошибку
to have smt in common with smb phrasal verb intr - иметь что-то общее с кем-то (общие интересы, взгляды на жизнь)
mum n count [mʌm] мама
dad n count [dæd] папа
full-time job n count [ˌfʊlˈtaɪm] работа на полный день
to set the table . verb phrase tr - накрывать на стол
to do the homework . verb phrase tr - выполнять домашнее задание (школьное)
to do the housework . verb phrase tr - выполнять работу по дому
homework n uncount [ˈhəʊm.wɜːk] домашнее задание, домашняя работа
to watch TV . verb phrase tr - смотреть телевизор
to play computer games . verb phrase tr - играть в компьютерные игры
share v tr [ʃeəʳ] делить(ся), разделять
chore n count [ʧɔːʳ] бремя, household _s -работа по дому