ОГЭ 9 Тема: Б (Межличностные) взаимоотношения с друзьями и в школе


School students are taking it easy in a park near their school. Some of them are revising their notes.

о чём говорить в этой теме:

Making Friends – Дружба

Do you have many friends?

Do you have many friends on Facebook or Vkontakte?

Do you think your friends on Facebook or Vkontakte are real friends?

Who is your best friend?

Why are you friends?

How did you become friends?

Do you have a girl-/boy-friend?

Is it easy to make friends at school?

Can your family members be your friends?

Should friends agree about everything?

Do remember all your friends’ birthdays?

What kind of present is the best for somebody’s birthday?

How will you make new friends if you change schools or leave school and go to work?

Is it easy to make new friends?

Why is it important to have few best friends?

Can you give an example of real friendship from films or from books?

Can you give an example of real friendship from real life?

тексты на эту тему:

Making Friends

I have loads of friends. There are two hundred friends on Facebook. But I don’t know if all of them are real friends. I was friendly with most people in my year in my old school. Then I changed schools last year and so I know a lot about making new friends. Firstly, if you want to make friends in a new school, you should start by making friends in your class. Start with the boy or girl you sit next to at school. My best friend now is Seamus. I sit next to him during most of our lessons. It is not very easy to make friends with the students from other classes. There is a lot of competition between different classes in the same year. I decided to join the school football team and I met some people from other classes there. I have a very busy social life at my new school as well. I try to keep a low profile however I don’t want to be too popular. I am not a rock star after all.

I think it is very important to remember your friends’ birthdays. Everybody loves to get presents for their birthday. But I don’t. I like giving presents. I remember all my friends’ birthdays. Sometimes it is hard to know what present your friends want. I usually try to think of something unusual. I know they will get many computer games or music CDs from everyone. I always try to think of something funny or personal. I am very good at photography and sometimes I put some of my best pictures in frames and give them to my friends. If they like the picture they will remember me and my present better than somebody’s CD.

I don’t know why I need friends. Maybe I need somebody to talk to about my problems. Friends can understand my problems. My parents can’t understand me very well. They are thirty-five years old! I don’t mind having very many friends. But I think it is important to have just a few good friends. Like Harry Potter had Ron and Hermione. Real friendship takes a lot of time and I can’t do it with many people.

Parents can’t be real friends. They are older. They don’t know much about school life today. But your siblings can be your friends because my siblings and I experience a lot of the same things together.

I do not know how much real friends must have in common to become friends in the first place. My best friend Seamus is very different from me. I like football and he likes chess. We like different music. His favourite band is Rammstein and my favourite band is Depeche Mode. We are still friends though.

Parents can’t be real friends but I think it is good to know older teenagers and adults. When you know many people of different ages you can learn from them. It is also important to keep up with younger children. Sometimes they need help I think I can also learn a little about how to be an adult when I am with them. I don’t think I can learn anything practical from my grandparents but they are very kind and they are fun too. Oh yeah, my grandfather took me fishing with him once and he taught me everything about fishing. The problem is that I don’t usually go fishing. Adults are very different because they have many responsibilities. They must always think about their job, their house and their children. They have to pay all the bills and go shopping for food. It makes them boring sometimes. When I grow up I will still have a young mind. I will never become boring and I will always listen to Depeche Mode and my own children will be my best friends.

выучите 38 слов и выражений для этой темы

to split up with smb phrasal verb intr - расстаться с кем-то, прекратить дружить
to fall out with smb phrasal verb intr - ссориться с кем-то
to get on with smb phrasal verb intr - уживаться, ладить с кем-то
to go out with smb phrasal verb intr - встречаться с кем-то (в т.ч. романтически)
to let smb down . phrasal verb intr - подводить кого-то, разочаровывать кого-то
to look after smb phrasal verb intr - заботиться о ком-то
to be by myself phrasal verb intr - быть в одиночестве
to have something in common with smb adj phrase - - иметь что-то общее, чем-то быть похожим с кем-то
to be in contact with smb adj phrase - - поддерживать контакт, связь с кем-то
to be in love with smb adj phrase - - быть влюблённым в кого-то
to do smt on purpose . adv phrase - - сделать что-то (обычн. нехорошее) специально
to make friends with smb phrasal verb intr - подружиться с кем-то
to sit next to smb adv phrase - - сидеть (за партой) рядом с кем-то
. best friend . noun phrase count - лучший друг
. during our English lessons . adv phrase - - во время уроков английского
to meet people . verb phrase tr - знакомиться с людьми
to join a football team . verb phrase tr - записаться в футбольную команду, секцию
to have a pretty busy social life . verb phrase tr - быть очень общительным, (зд.) иметь много друзей и знакомых
to be very popular with your classmates . adj phrase - - быть популярным среди ваших одноклассников
. friends on VKontakte . adv phrase - - друзья в социальной сети ВКонтакте
. in my year at school . adv phrase - - из параллельных классов
to change schools . verb phrase tr - переходить в другую школу
competition n uncount [ˌkɒm.pəˈtɪʃ.ᵊn] соревнование, конкуренция
to keep a low profile . verb phrase tr - не выделяться; быть скромным
popular adj - [ˈpɒp.jə.ləʳ] популярный, известный
to get presents . verb phrase tr - получать подарки
to give presents . verb phrase tr - дарить подарки
present n count [ʹprezənt] подарок
computer game n count [kəmˈpjuː.təʳ geim] компьютерная игра
CD n count [ˌsiːˈdiː] аудио диск
understand v tr [ˌʌn.də|ˈstænd] понимать
school life n count ['skuːllaɪ|f] школьная жизнь
different adj - [ˈdɪf.ᵊr.ᵊnt] другой, отличающийся
similar adj - ['sımılǝ] похожий, подобный
party n count [ʹpɑ:tɪ] вечеринка
to have a party . verb phrase tr - устраивать вечеринку
cafe n count [ˈkæf.eɪ] кафе
to go to a cafe . adv phrase - - ходить в кафе