ОГЭ 9 Тема: Г Досуг и увлечения молодёжи


Young dancers are practicing their moves in a gym.

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Hobbies – Увлечения


Leisure and hobbies       досуг и увлечение

Typical hobbies of young people       типичные увлечения молодежи

playing sports        занятия спортом

playing musical instruments, computergames       игра на музыкальных инструентах, игра в компьютерные игры

listening to music        прослушивание музыки

cooking        приготовление еды

collecting different things        коллекционирование


Typical hobbies of older people        Типичные увлечения взрослых людей

gardening       садоводство

fishing        рыбалка

repairing cars       ремонт автомобилей

тексты на эту тему:

Favourite hobbies in Russia

I don’t know much about teenagers’ hobbies in other countries. I will tell you what I think are some popular hobbies for teenagers here in Russia. Playing computer games is very popular. My friends and I love to play online computer games where we can fight each other. I like playing Grand Theft Auto V. I also like listening to music. My favourite band is Rammstein. They are from Germany. Some girls in our class learn to play musical instruments. Other girls go to an art school where they learn drawing. But I think that is boring. I collect posters of my favourite band Rammstein. I have about one hundred of them on the walls in my room. I have a friend whose name is Daniel and he plays the guitar and sings Russian and English songs. He is good at swimming, snowboarding and skiing. He also likes travelling. I am friendly with two girls in my class. Their names are Olga and Natasha. Olga likes listening to music. She likes both classical music and rock. She also likes playing football and she plays football better than some boys. Olga also does target shooting. She is quite good at shooting too. Natasha has many hobbies. She likes cooking, reading, drawing and singing. Her favourite hobby though is drawing. She says she likes to watch pictures appearing on paper. My parents also have hobbies. They don’t play computer games of course. But they like talking to their friends on Facebook. My mother enjoys gardening and my father likes fishing and repairing his old Mercedes car.


выучите 18 слов и выражений для этой темы

hobby n count [ˈhɒb|.i] увлечение, хобби
leisure n uncount [ˈleʒ.əʳ] досуг
to play sports . verb phrase tr - заниматься (игровыми видами) спортом
to do judo . verb phrase tr - заниматься (неигровыми видами) спортом (дзюдо)
to play the guitar . verb phrase tr - играть на гитаре
to play computer games . verb phrase tr - играть в компьютерные игры
collect v tr [kə'lekt] собирать, коллекционировать
gardening pres p - [ˈgɑː.dᵊnɪŋ] садоводство
fishing pres p - [fɪʃɪŋ] рыбалка
cooking pres p - [kʊkɪŋ] готовка, приготовление пищи
computer game n count [kəmˈpjuː.təʳ geim] компьютерная игра
listening to music . verb phrase intr - прослушивание музыки
drawing pres p - ['drɔ:ıŋ] рисование
painting pres p - [peɪntɪŋ] живопись, малярное дело
singing pres p - [sɪŋ.ɪŋ] пение
. chatting to friends . verb phrase intr - разговаривать с друзьями
. on Facebook . adv phrase - - в Фейсбуке
. on WhatsApp . adv phrase - - в Ватсапе