oge9 Г Досуг и увлечения - посещение кафе



Г Досуг и увлечения (спорт, музыка (классическая), чтение, посещение театра, кинотеатра, дискотеки, кафе). Молодежная мода



Cafe Reggio on MacDougal                    Pastries                                 An Espresso

Street in New York.



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DJs – Music – Dancing


Do you prefer inviting your friends to your flat to hanging out at a cafe?

What is your favourite cafe?

How often do you go to a cafe?

Why do you like it?

What is your favourite drink and food at your favourite cafe?

What do people usually at cafes?

What are some of the new and unusual types of cafes you can find in Moscow



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I like all my friends and most of my classmates. But if they all want to come over to my flat, I will hate them. Why? I don’t want so many people at my flat. My girl-friend can come over any time, but I don’t want crowds of people in my room. So, what do I do? We all go to one of the cafes in our district. There are several nice cafes near our school.

Starbucks is my favourite place. I go there every Saturday and sometimes on a weekday. I like to have my school lunch at Starbucks instead of going to the school canteen. But I can’t do it often because it is more expensive.

I like Starbucks because their coffee is very good. I especially like their Filtered Coffee. I would probably have an Espresso but my Mum tells me it is too strong for me and doesn’t let me have it. I also like Starbucks snacks. My favourite snack there is their Chicken Mushroom Sandwich.  My girl-friend usually has the same drinks as me but she puts lots of cream and sugar in her drinks. And I hate sweet drinks.

I like this Starbucks because it has free wi-fi. I can chat to my friends on VKontakte while I am there. I usually see lots of people with their laptops and mobile phones who use the Internet there or even do their school homework there. I have never done anything useful at Starbucks. I think cafes are places to relax and to take things easy for a bit. What I don’t like about cafes in general is that some people have dates there. It is so embarrassing to see them snog each other in public. My girl-friend and I never snog each other when we come to a cafe.

My girl-friend likes one of the newer cafes. It is not in our district. It is near Voikovskaya Metro Station and is called the CatStory. It is a funny place. They have a counter where you can pick up free tea or coffee and biscuits. But of course, the most interesting thing about the CatStory is that it is full of cats. My girl-friend loves cats. So she goes to the CatStory often. Sometimes she drags me along with her there. As I have mentioned tea and coffee and biscuits are free there. But you have to pay for the time you spend there. It is not very expensive. And you get to play with some cats.

выучите 40 слов и выражений для этой темы

classmate n count [ˈklɑːs.meɪt] одноклассник
to come over . phrasal verb intr - приходить (куда-то)
flat n count [flæt] квартира
café n count [ˈkæf.eɪ] кафе
district n count [ʹdɪstrɪkt] район
near adv - [ʹnɪə ] рядом
favourite adj - [ˈfeɪ.vᵊr.ɪt] любимый
place n count [pleɪs] (здесь) заведение
weekday n count [wi:kdeɪ] рабочий день недели
school lunch n count [skuːllʌnt ʃ] школьный обед
canteen n count [kænˈtiːn] столовая
coffee n uncount [ˈkɒf.i] кофе
filtered coffee n uncount [ˈfɪl.t|ədˈkɒf.i] фильтр кофе
espresso n uncount [esˈpres.əʊ] эспрессо
strong adj - [strɒŋ] (здесь) крепкий (о напитке)
snack n count [snæk] лёгкая закуска
chicken mushroom sandwich n count [ʧɪk.ɪnˈmʌʃ.rʊmsæn|.wɪʤ] сэндвич с курицей и грибами
drink n count [drɪŋk] напиток
cream n uncount [kriːm] сливки
sugar n uncount [ˈʃʊg|.əʳ] сахар
sweet adj - ['swi:t] сладкий
free adj - [fri:] бесплатный
Wi-fi n uncount [ˈwaɪ.faɪ] беспроводная сеть передачи данных под аббревиатурой Wi-Fi (от английского словосочетания Wireless Fidelity)
chat v intr [ʧæt] болтать, переговариваться в сети с помощью коротких сообщений
VKontakte n uncount [vkən'tæktə] ВКонтакте - российская социальная сеть
laptop n count [ˈlæp.tɒp] ноутбук
mobile phone n count [ˈməʊ.baɪl fəʊn] мобильный телефон
to use the Internet . verb phrase tr - пользоваться (сидеть в) Интернет
homework n uncount [ˈhəʊm.wɜːk] домашнее задание, домашняя работа
to take things easy . phrasal verb intr - расслабляться
date n count [deɪt] (здесь) свидание
embarrassing pres p - [ɪmˈbær.əsɪŋ] смущающий, неудобный, постыдный
snog v tr [snɒg] целоваться и обниматься
. in public . adv phrase - - на публике
Voikovskaya Metro Station n uncount [vɔɪkəvskəjəˈmet.rəʊˈsteɪ.ʃᵊn] cтанция Метро "Войковская"
counter n count [ˈkaʊn.təʳ] прилавок, стойка
tea n uncount [tiː] чай
biscuit n count [ˈbɪs.kɪt] печенье
drag v tr [dræg] тащить, волочить за собой
pastry n count [ˈpeɪ.str|i] мучные кондитерские изделия