ОГЭ 9 Тема: Молодёжная мода



A group of six female and male freestyle hip-hop dancers during a dance training session on stage. They are lit with spotlights. They are wearing T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, cargo pants and trainers.

A girl wearing some Native American and African clothes is sitting on a tree stump

A teen in a hoodie and a baseball hat.

A serious girl in military uniform is looking up. She looks disappointed and upset like a disillusioned stalker in an abandoned building.

о чём говорить в этой теме:




to follow the fashion(s)

to follow the latest fashion(s)

to follow the latest fashion trends

to be in fashion

to be out of fashion

to fall out of fashion

smart clothes

casual clothes

comfortable clothes

тексты на эту тему:


I don’t understand why some teenagers are so obsessed with following the latest fashions. When I say ‘teenagers’ I mean both girls and boys. I am a teenager and I couldn’t care less about keeping up to date when it comes to clothes. My girlfriend, Sveta, is keen on fashion. She literally buys the clothes she sees in the latest TikTok videos. Some teenagers get their idea of what is cool to wear from other teenagers who post their pictures on VKontakte or Instagram.

When I say that I don’t care about the latest fashions, I am not saying that I want to look old-fashioned. Of course not. My classmates will laugh at me at school if I wear very cheap or very old clothes. I want to look good. You may ask how I know what is good to wear. Well, it is hard to explain. I guess I look at my classmates at school and see what they like to wear. I also like a band called Twenty-one pilots so sometimes I wear some clothes they wear in their videos.

Sure, sometimes I have to wear clothes that are classic design. Like, when we have Knowledge Day on the 1st of September at school. All our class comes dressed in smart clothes which, as I understand it, are dark trousers, a white shirt and a tie for the boys and skirts, shirts and vests for the girls. But the girls, of course, can’t stop with only that, - they also sometimes wear pretty dresses with hair ribbons. I don’t like it when they wear those. I think these hair ribbons make them look like very little girls instead of teenagers. But mostly, I simply don’t care what others wear. I think the idea is to look smart on Knowledge Day and other holidays.

In my opinion, there aren’t really any fashionable or unfashionable clothes. There only appropriate and inappropriate clothes. Let’s take me as an example. How would I look if I joined my friend Seumas for a walk one day wearing black trousers a white shirt and a tie like I do on Knowledge Day? He would laugh his head off. Or how would it be if I wore my black hoody with a white Metallica print on it, my cargo pants, and my trainers on the first day of school in September? They will probably kick me out of school for that. So, I guess the art of dressing well is in dressing appropriately. Your appearance should not make anyone feel uncomfortable, that’s all. Because if your clothes aren’t suitable, people are likely to stare at you which I hate. The only time when I don’t care about my appearance is when I am at home or when I am helping my parents at their dacha to harvest potatoes.

Sveta says that fashion changes all the time and she has to keep up. Well, let her! I couldn’t be less worried about it. There is one thing, though, that Sveta has taught me about clothes. She says there three types of clothes you can wear: smart clothes, casual clothes, and comfortable clothes. The smart clothes are, of course, what I wear on Knowledge Day at school. The casual clothes are the type of clothes I wear when Seumas and I go for a walk somewhere. Comfortable clothes are the ones which I wear at home.

We had a lesson at school when our school Psychologist spoke about some problems teenagers usually have. She also talked about how some teenagers start wearing horrible clothes because they want to protest against their parents and teachers. They express their protest through their clothes. I can see what she meant but this is not about me. I will never wear anything inappropriate just because I am angry with someone. I think it’s a bit stupid.

There some teenagers at our school who dress like gangsters. They wear dark hoodies, their baseball caps are backward and they wear the most enormous cargo pants. I think they look funny but it’s their business. Some girls I know sometimes dress like hippies. I am not sure what hippies are, actually, but their clothes look good on some girls but pretty bad on some others. I think that before anyone chooses some fashion trend to follow he or she should really understand what suits them.


выучите 42 слов и выражений для этой темы

to follow the fashion . verb phrase tr - следовать моде
to follow the fashions . verb phrase tr - следовать моде
to follow the latest fashions . verb phrase tr - следовать последним веяниям моды, следить за модой
to keep up to date . adv phrase - - оставаться в курсе, идти в ногу со временем
to be keen on smt adj phrase - - быть увлечённым чем-то, заинтересованным в чём-то
to buys the clothes one sees in music videos . adv phrase - - покупать одежду, которую увидел в музыкальных видео
not to care about smt . phrasal verb intr - не любить что-то, относиться к чему-то равнодушно
to look old-fashioned . adv phrase - - выглядеть старомодным
to wear cheap or old clothes . verb phrase tr - носить дешёвую или старую одежду
to look good . adj phrase - - выглядеть хорошо
classic design adj phrase uncount [ˈklæs.ɪkdɪˈzaɪn] классический дизайн
to be dressed in smart clothes . adj phrase - - быть одетым в хорошую/изящную одежду
dark trousers adj phrase - [dɑ:kˈtraʊ.zəz] тёмные брюки
a white shirt and a tie adj phrase - [ǝhwaɪtʹʃɜ:tændǝʹtaɪ] белая рубашка и галстук
skirt n count [ʹskɜ:t] юбка
shirt n count [ʹʃɜ:t] рубашка
vest n count [ˈves.t] жилет, жилетка
a pretty dress adj phrase - [ə'prıtıʹdres] хорошенькое платье
hair ribbon n count [ʹheəˈrɪb.ᵊn] бант (особ. в причёске у девочек)
to look smart . adj phrase - - выглядеть опрятно
fashionable adj - [ˈfæʃ.ᵊn.ə.b|ᵊl] модный
unfashionable adj - [ʌnˈfæʃ.ᵊn.ə.b|ᵊl] немодный
appropriate adj - [əˈprəʊ.pri.ət] подходящий, соответствующий
inappropriate adj - [ˌɪn.əˈprəʊ.pri.ət] неподходящий, несоответствующий
hoody n count ['hʊdi] толстовка (кофта) с капюшоном
print n count [prɪnt] оттиск, отпечаток, рисунок на ткани
dress v intr [ʹdres] одеваться
appearance n uncount [əˈpɪə.rᵊnts] внешний вид
to make smb feel uncomfortable . adv phrase - - заставлять кого-то чувствовать себя некомфортно/не в своей тарелке
suitable adj - [ˈsuː.tə.b|ᵊl] подходящий
. fashion changes all the time . verb phrase tr - мода всё время меняется
to keep up . phrasal verb intr - идти в ногу со временем, не отставать
smart clothes n pl uncount [smɑːt'kləʊðz] нарядная/формальная одежда
casual clothes n pl uncount [ˈkæʒ.ju.əlkləʊðz] повседневная одежда
comfortable clothes n pl uncount [ˈkʌmpf.tə.b|ᵊlkləʊðz] домашняя одежда, одежда для активного отдыха или физической работы
to protest against smb adv phrase - - выражать кому-то свой протест
to express one's protest through smt adv phrase - - выражать свой протест посредствам чего-то
to dress like gangsters . adv phrase - - одеваться как гангстеры
baseball cap n count [ˈbeɪs.bɔːlʹkæp] бейсболка
cargo pants n pl uncount [ˈkɑː.gəʊ pænts] широкие брюки с объёмными накладными карманами
to dress like hippies . adv phrase - - одеваться как хиппи
to look good on smb adj phrase - - (об одежде) быть кому-то к лицу