ОГЭ 9 Тема: Спорт


Two girls are playing football.

о чём говорить в этой теме:

Sports – Спорт


playing sports       занятие спортом (игровым)

do judo(skiing)       заниматься дзюдо, (лыжным спортом) (лругим неигровым спортом)

team games       командные игры

football       футбол

basketball       баскетбол

volleyball       волейбол

athletics       легкая атлетика

running       бег

jumping       прыжки

other sports       другие виды спорта

motor races       автомотоспорт

rock climbing        альпинизм

parachute jumping       прыжки с парашютом


Women and men are doing exercise bike routines in a gym.

A man and a woman are running on treadmills.

Some women and men are doing exercises with barbells.



Keeping fit       сохранять спортивную форму

to get fit       набирать спортивную форму

to lose some weight        сбарсывать лишний вес

Exercise is the best way to get fit and to stay fit.       Физические упражнения – лучший способ набрать спортивную форму и сохранить её.

Joining a gym       записаться в спортивный зал

to do aerobics       заниматься аэробикой

to use the exercise bike       заниматься на велотренажере

to exercise different parts of your body       упражнять различные части тела

тексты на эту тему:


Personally, I am not crazy about doing sports. I know being sporty is supposed to be healthy and all but I would rather do some work outside at my parents' dacha or ride my bike. The former is more practical than any sport and the latter is more fun than most sports. But I am honestly not the one to join a gym and spend hours sweating there with other sports fans. I also like going walking in the park. I don’t actually like anything extreme. I do have some friends who are really into sports and fitness. My girlfriend Sveta goes to the gym twice a week. She says she likes it plus she says she needs to lose weight, though I really am not sure how much skinnier she can get. Anyway, when she goes there, she uses the exercise bike, the treadmill and sometimes even does exercises with the barbell. Once a week she joins an aerobics class at her gym. We never go out that night because she is always very tired after aerobics. Aerobics is supposed to help you exercise every part of your body. But aerobics is for girls of course. Now, my friend Seumas does judo. He is a great fighter and he is top of his class in judo. If I ever take up a port it will be judo or some other combat sport. That’s because I think every man must be able to defend himself and his family. I don’t know if Seumas uses any exercise machines during his judo training sessions. Seumas also goes jogging every morning. I am too lazy for that because it means getting up very early. But Seumas is fitter and stronger than I am. I think sport is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Some people like to play sports and some people watch sports programmes on television. They go to stadiums and support their teams there. Some sports are usual like football or basketball. Most people also know about such athletics as running and jumping. But there are also sports which few people know about. I have friends who do motor races, rock climbing and parachute jumping. I think going in for sport has a lot of advantages. First of all, you get physical exercise and that is very good for your body. In some sports, you also get to spend a lot of time in the open air. Like my other friend called Ron. He is a great football player. When he gets out onto the football pitch he is always sure to score. When people do a sport they are always sure to meet a lot of new people who enjoy the same sport. People who prefer to watch sports get lucky as well. They don’t get much exercise but they get a lot of positive emotions when, for example, they watch their favourite football team scores a goal.


выучите 34 слов и выражений для этой темы

leisure n uncount [ˈleʒ.əʳ] досуг
hobby n uncount [ˈhɒb|.i] увлечение, хобби
to play sports . verb phrase intr - заниматься спортом
team games n pl uncount [ti:m spɔːts] командные виды спорта
football n uncount [ˈfʊt.bɔːl] футбол
basketball n count [ˈbɑː.skɪt.bɔːl] баскетбол
volleyball n uncount [ˈvɒl.i.bɔːl] волейбол
athletics n pl uncount [æθˈlet.ɪks] лёгкая атлетика
running n count [ˈrʌn.ɪŋ] бег
jumping n uncount [ʤʌmpɪŋ] прыжки (спорт)
motor races n pl uncount [ˈməʊ.təreɪsɪz] авто-.мото-гонки (спорт)
rock climbing n uncount [rɒk klaɪmɪŋ] скалолазание
parachute jumping n uncount [ˈpær.əʃuːtʤʌmpɪŋ] парашютный спорт
to score points . verb phrase tr - набирать очки, забивать голы
to keep fit . set phrase tr - поддерживать хорошую физическую форму
to get fit . set phrase intr - приводить себя в хорошую спортивную форму
to go jogging . set phrase intr - бегать трусцой, заниматься оздоровительным бегом (особенно по-утрам)
to go walking . set phrase intr - ходить гулять
to lose weight . set phrase intr - худеть
gym n count [ʤɪm] спортивный/тренажёрный зал
to join a gym . set phrase intr - записаться/начать ходить в спортзал
aerobics n pl uncount [eəˈrəʊ.bɪks] аэробика
judo num uncount [ˈʤuː.dəʊ] дзюдо
to do aerobics . set phrase tr - заниматься аэробикой
exercise machine n count [ˈek.sə.saɪz məˈʃiːn] спортивный тренажёр
exercise bike n count [ˈek.sə.saɪz baɪk] велотренажер
treadmill n count [ˈtred.mɪl] беговая дорожка (спортивный тренажёр)
barbell n count [ˈbɑː.bel] штанга
body part n count [ˈbɒd|.i pɑːt] часть тела
stadium n count [ˈsteɪ.di|.əm] стадион
football pitch n count [ˈfʊt.bɔːl pɪʧ] футбольное поле
footballer n count [ˈfʊt.bɔːlə] футболист
goal n count [ˈgəʊl] форота (футбольные и т.п.), гол
to score a goal . set phrase tr - забивать гол