ОГЭ 9 Тема: Музыка-изучение



Scool students are playing different musical instruments during a music class.

A teenager is playing the accoustic guitar.

A teenager is playing the electric guitar and singing.

A guitar headstock and a plectrum.


о чём говорить в этой теме:


Music (learning) – учиться играть на музыкальном инструменте


My Music:

I play the guitar and I can sing Russian and English songs.       Я играю на гитаре и могу петь Русские и Английские песни.

a classical guitar (or Spanish Guitar) is the member of the guitar family used in classical music       классическая гитара (Испанская гитара) – относится к семейству гитарных инструментов и используется в классическом жанре.

an electric guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical impulses.       электрогитара – гитара, использующая электромагнитные звукосниматели для превращения вибрации струн в электрические импульсы.

a plectrum is a small flat tool used to pluck or strum a stringed instrument. For hand-held instruments such as guitars and mandolins, the plectrum is often called a pick, and is a separate tool held in the player's hand.       плектр (медиатор) – небольшой плоский предмет, который гитаристы используют, чтобы перебирать струны гитары. Используется с такими инструментами как гитары и мандолины. Часто называется медиатором и является отдельным приспособлением, который испольнитель держит пальцами руки.




тексты на эту тему:


I am going to talk about learning music or to be more exact learning to play a musical instrument. I can’t play any musical instruments. I don’t want to learn to play a musical instrument. I think it is boring. Sure, I like to listen to rock music. My favourite band is Rammstein and the guitar player’s name is Oliver «Ollie» Riedel. But I know I will never become as good as him, so I don’t want to start learning. I have some friends who learn to play musical instruments. My girlfriend Sveta can play the piano, for example. She goes to a music school. She can also sing to the piano. She has a beautiful voice. Sveta is very serious about her music lessons. She has lots of books of printed music at home and she remembers many music pieces by heart. She spends hours practising the piano at home. (I am not sure her neighbours are very happy about that, but they haven’t complained yet.) Sveta hasn’t decided yet if she wants to make music her career. She says she would like to sing in a choir or play in an orchestra someday. But she also thinks that it is not very practical to be a professional musician because there isn’t a lot of money in this career unless you are a superstar like Susan Wong. My classmate Dan can play the drums. He wants to join a rock band. But he can’t decide which music style he likes most. Sometimes he is into heavy metal but he also enjoys techno music. He also likes Rammstein and enjoys The Prodigy. He also goes to a music school but he doesn’t attend it very often. He probably practices only once or twice a week. He says he wants to be in a band like Twenty-one pilots because he thinks they are really cool.


выучите 15 слов и выражений для этой темы

classical guitar n count [ˈklæs.ɪ.k|ᵊlgɪˈtɑːʳ] классическая гитара
electric guitar n count [ɪˈlek.trɪkgɪˈtɑːʳ] электрогитара
plectrum n count [ˈplek.tr|əm] медиатор(кусок пластика для перебирания струн на гитаре)
music school n count [ˈmjuː.zɪkskuːl] музыкальная школа
choir n count [kwaɪəʳ] хор
orchestra n count [ˈɔː.kɪ.strə] оркестр
music lesson n count [ˈmjuː.zɪkles.ᵊn] урок музыки
sing v tr [sɪŋ] петь
song n count [ʹsɒŋ] песня
music n uncount [ˈmjuː.zɪk] ноты
musical instrument n count [ˈmjuː.zɪ.k|ᵊl ˈɪnt .strə.mənt] музыкальный инструмент
piano n count [piˈæn.əʊ] пианино
drum n count [drʌm] барабан
violin n count [ˌvaɪəˈlɪn] скрипка
voice n count [vɔɪs] голос