oge9 Г Досуг и увлечения - посещение театра


Г Досуг и увлечения (спорт, музыка (классическая), чтение, посещение театра, кинотеатра, дискотеки, кафе). Молодежная мода



Anton Pavlovich      Drury Lane Theatre                                               Scene from The Cherry Orchard,

Chekhov                                                                                         Moscow Art Theater, 1904.


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Going to the theatre - My favourite theatre play:


Anton Checkhov

The Cherry Orchard


The cherry orchard is the last play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. This is a play about an aristocratic Russian Lady and her family who all return to their family country house (which has a large and well-known cherry orchard). They return shortly before the house and the orchard are auctioned to pay the family’s debts. The family can save the estate but they prefer to do nothing and leave the house as the orchard is cut down. The play shows the helplessness of aristocracy and the inability of the new buorgeosie to appreciate the beauty of their possessions.


Other famous theatre plays:


Anton Chekhov                   The Cherry Orchard

Arthur Miller                         Death of a Salesman (US)

George Bernard Shaw       Pygmalion

John Osborne                                 Look Back in Anger.

Oscar Wilde                         The Importance of Being Earnest

Joanne Rowling                 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


1 stage

2 orchestra pit

3 curtains

4 row

5 seat

6 circle

7 stalls

8 boxes


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Sveta and I go to the Bolshoi Theatre

Last autumn my girl-friend invited me to the Bolshoi Theatre. I had never been there before and was really excited when Sveta told me we were going to hear "The Queen of Spades", the famous opera by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. I had never been to an opera before. I was not sure I was going to like it but wanted to go out with Sveta so I agreed.

When we arrived at the theatre, we left our coats at the cloakroom. Our seats were in the stalls. I had a look at the tickets. They were not very expensive but we could see the stage very well. Sveta bought me a programme and gave me her opera glasses. The curtains were fantastic. As we had some time before the beginning I walked to the stage and the orchestra-pit and looked at the hall. Its red and golden interior impressed me very much.

Soon the lights went down then the curtains rose and the singers appeared on the stage. I liked every minute of the first act — the scenery, the costumes and the music.

During the interval we walked around in the foyer. I told Sveta how much I liked her because I didn’t want to tell her that I didn’t really like the opera. It was really wonderful. I said I would love to see some other opera some day with her. So we went to the box office and bought two tickets for "The Traviata". Then we had ice-cream and coffee in the buffet.

When at last the opera was over and the music came to an end, there was a storm of applause. I applauded loudly too. Sveta and I really enjoyed ourselves at the theatre.

выучите 35 слов и выражений для этой темы

play n count [pleɪ] пьеса, драма, представление, спектакль
playwright n count [ˈpleɪ.raɪt] драматург (писатель, пишущий пьесы)
cherry n count [ˈʧer|.i] вишня
orchard n count [ˈɔː.ʧəd] фруктовый сад
stage n count [steɪʤ] сцена
orchestra pit n count [ˈɔː.kɪ.strəpɪt] оркетровая яма
curtains n pl uncount [ʹkɜ:tnz] занавес
row n count [rəʊ] ряд
seat n count [ʹsi:t] место(в театре, на стадионе и т.п.)
circle n count [ˈsɜː.kᵊl] ярус
dress circle n count [ʹdresˈsɜː.kᵊl] бельэтаж
upper circle n count ['ʌpǝˈsɜː.kᵊl] балкон
parquet circle n count [ˈpɑː.keɪˈsɜː.kᵊl] амфитеатр
stalls n pl uncount [stɔːlz] партер
boxes n pl uncount [bɒksiz] ложа,-и
Bolshoi Theatre (the) n uncount [bɒlˈʃɔɪˈθɪə.təʳ] Большой Театр
Queen of Spades (the) n count [ˈkwiːnəvspeɪdz] пиковая дама
opera n count [ˈɒp.ᵊr.ə] опера
to go out . phrasal verb intr - покидать дом с целью развлечения
cloakroom n count [ˈkləʊk.rʊm] гардероб, камера хранения
ticket n count [ˈtɪk|.ɪt] билет
programme n count [ˈprəʊ.græm] программа (театральная, мероприятий)
opera glasses n pl uncount [ˈɒp.ᵊr.əglɑːsiz] театральный бинокль
hall n count [ʹhɔ:l] театральный зал
interior n uncount [ɪnˈtɪə.ri.əʳ] внутренняя отделка
singer n count [ˈsɪŋ.əʳ] певец (в т.ч. оперый)
act n count [ækt] акт, действие (как часть пьесы)
scenery n uncount [ˈsiː.nᵊr.i] (театральные) декорации, пейзаж
costume n count [ˈkɒs.tjuːm] сценический костюм
interval n count [ˈɪn.tə.vᵊl] антракт
foyer n count [ˈfɔɪ.eɪ] фойе
box office n count [bɒks ˈɒf.ɪs] касса (в театре, кино)
buffet n count [ˈbʊf.eɪ] буфет, буфетная стойка
applause n count [əˈplɔːz] аплодисменты
applaud v intr [əˈplɔːd] аплодировать