oge9 Г Досуг и увлечения - посещение дискотеки


Г Досуг и увлечения (спорт, музыка (классическая), чтение, посещение театра, кинотеатра, дискотеки, кафе). Молодежная мода



A DJ at the Sundance                   Laser show                          Disco in Germany 1977

Film Festival in 2003,

using two Technics SL-1200

turntables and a DJ mixer



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DJs – Music – Dancing


A discotheque (a disco, a dance party) is a place which is usually open at night. It is different from bars or pubs because it has a dance floor and a DJ booth. A DJ plays recorded music from his DJ booth.


What kind of music do you like?

Do you like parties?

Do you often go to dance parties at school?

Do you have to bring a partner to school dance parties?

Does your school have a DJ?

Would you like to be a DJ?



тексты на эту тему:



I really don’t understand what is so cool about dance parties. Dance music is great. Rap music is pretty cool but I hate dancing. It is OK to watch people dance but I don’t want to do it myself even with my girlfriend. My girlfriend is crazy about dance parties and discotheques. Her parents take her to a music school two times a week. You will never believe it if I tell you what she is learning there. Right now she is learning DJing. That’s right! She goest there and they teach her how to use record turntables and DJ mixers. I will never understand why she wants to learn that.

My girlfriend sometimes drags me to a disco somewhere in Moscow or to a dance party at her school. I don’t dance much there. The music is sometimes great. I like Rap but you can’t dance much to Rap music. So my girlfriend and I wait for a slow music piece and then we dance to that. She is a great dancer of course but I always step on her feet but she doesn’t complain because I think she likes dancing with me all the same.

They usually have dance parties in their school hall. They have theyr own DJ. Sometimes they ask the school band to play at the dance parties. Sometimes we go to a disco near Tverskaya Street. It is in the basement of a block of flats. The dance floor is not very big but they have everything there – a bar, with soft drinks of course, some tables where you can relax between dances and a DJ booth where they usually invite some popular DJs. I go there because of my girlfriend because she likes discos. If I could go somewhere else I would go to a football match!

выучите 16 слов и выражений для этой темы

discotheque n count [ˈdɪs.kə.tek] дискотека
DJ n count [ˌdiːˈʤeɪ] Диджей
turntable n count [ˈtɜːnˌteɪ.bᵊl] вертушка (один или два проигрывателя виниловых пластинок, которыми Диджей управляет вручную)
mixer n count [ˈmɪk.səʳ] DJ-микшер (электронное устройство позволяющее наложение звука из нескольких источников)
disco n count [ˈdɪs.kəʊ] дискотека
dance party n count [dɑːnt sʹpɑ:tɪ] дискотека (обычно не в специально приспособленном для этого помещении, а у кого-то дома)
DJ booth n count [ˌdiːˈʤeɪ'buːð] Диджейская кабина
dance music n uncount [dɑːnt sˈmjuː.zɪk] танцевальная музыка
Rap n uncount [ræp] рэп-музыка
music school n count [ˈmjuː.zɪkskuːl] музыкальная школа
DJing n uncount [ˌdiːˈʤeɪŋ]] Диджейство (искусство Диджея)
school hall n count [skuːlʹhɔ:l] школьный актовый зал
school band n count [skuːl'bӕnd] школьная музыкальная группа
dance floor n count [dɑːnt sʹflɔ:] место для танцев (в ресторане, ночном клубе)
soft drink n count [sɒft drɪŋk] безалкогольный напиток
dancing pres p - [dɑːnt sɪŋ] танцы