ОГЭ 9 Тема: В Внешность человека


Two young women are practicing Yoga in a fitness centre.


о чём говорить в этой теме:

Appearance – Внешний вид

What does he/she look like?       Как он/она выглядит? (т.е. Фигура.)

HEIGHT        рост

- How tall are you?        - I am 175 centimetres tall.

tall        высокий

of average height       среднего роста

short       низкого роста

for his age       для своего возраста

WHEIGHT        вес

- How much do you weigh? - I weigh about 60 kilogrammes       - Сколько ты весишь? - Я вешу около 60 килограммов.

thin        худой

стройный       slim

of average weight       плотного телосложения

overweight       толстый

How does he/she look?       Как он/она выглдит? (т.е. по вашему мнению.)

He/She is (very) good-looking       Он/Она очень красивый/красивая.

He is (very) handsome        Он очень красивый (только про мужчин)

He/She is (very) attractive       Она/Она (очень) привлекательный/привлекательная.

She is beautiful.       Она красивая (только про женщин)

She is plain.       Она некрасивая (только про женщин)

He/She is not (very) good-looking.       Он/Она не (очень) красивый/красивая.

He/She is not very attractive.        Он/Она не очень привлекательный/привлекательная.

KEEPING FIT        поддерживать спортивную форму

- Do you follow a diet?       вы на диете / вы соблюдаете какую-нибудь диету?

- Yes, I am on a diet. I have lost 5kgs since winter       Да я на диете. Я сбросил 5 килограммов с зимы.

to get fit       набрать физическую форму

to lose some weight       сбросить некоторое количество веса

Exercise is the best way to get fit and to stay fit        упражнения – лучший способ набрать физическую форму и сохранить её

to do aerobics        заниматься аэробикой

to use the exercise bike        заниматься на велотренажёре

to exercise different parts of your body        упражнять разные часть тела

to join a gym          записаться в спортивный центр

тексты на эту тему:


I am going to talk about appearance. I think the best way to do that is to describe some people I know. Let me start by talking about my mother and my younger sister. You can see them in this picture…

Kate and Mum are having a tense discussion about money.

My younger sister’s name is Kate. She is nine. She is 140 centimetres tall and quite slim . She has long straight blond hair which she usually pins down at the back of her head with a few bright hairpins. Kate has a pretty face and beautiful large light-brown eyes with thick eyebrows and long eyelashes. She is wearing a white hoody with large flower prints. She also has her favourite blue jeans on. You can’t see it but she is also wearing her favourite pink trainers. In this picture, she is sitting on a couch with her hands under her seat and is obviously feeling uncomfortable. This is because the mother is asking her how she had spent her school lunch money. Kate obviously did not buy her lunch that day. My mother is 32. She is of average height . I am not sure how tall she is exactly. (She is slim and fit. She goes to the gym every week.) She has long straight auburn brown hair which she pins down at the back of her head with a comb. She looks younger than her age. Mother has a beautiful face and light-brown eyes. Everyone says that Kate has her mother’s eyes. She is wearing earrings. She is a lawyer and has to dress smartly. That’s why she is wearing some makeup. She is wearing her favourite grey dress in this picture which suits her very well. She is looking at Kate and expecting an answer about Kate’s lunch money. But I don’t think she is going to get it. Kate is never going to tell her that she had spent the money to buy some weapons in the Encounter Strike game. Ha-ha.

Now I am going to show you a picture of my grandfather and father. Here they are…

My granddad and my father are hunting.

You may not believe me, but it is them. My father and grandfather love hunting. My grandfather is 72. He is of average height . He is well-built but not overweight. He hardly has any belly. He is slightly bold. His hair is all white. He wears his hair short and it is quite straight. He always wears a beard and a large moustache. His moustache is slightly curly . That is my grandfather likes to curl the ends of his moustache himself when he has nothing better to do. His eyes are light-grey. In this photograph, he is wearing his checked woollen hunting jacket, a woolen flat cap and a bow tie. (I’ll never understand why he needs his bow-tie during his hunts, but my grandfather respects proper clothes.) He is also wearing a waistcoat under his jacket, grey trousers and leather boots. My father is 35. He is only slightly taller than my grandfather. He is slim and very fit. That’s because he goes to the gym with my mother. His hair is brown short and straight and carefully combed. He also has a short beard and a bit of a moustache like my grandfather. But his beard and moustache are very short. He can’t wear a longer beard because he works in an office and long beards are not acceptable there. His hunting jacket is light grey with brown suede inserts on the shoulders . He is wearing a waistcoat under his jacket, a khaki-coloured shirt and a cravat. His trousers are dark brown and, though you can’t see it in this picture he is also wearing a pair Dr Martens shoes which he likes.

But I haven’t talked about winter clothes. So, now I am going to show you a picture of my crazy Uncle Somerset. Just how crazy my uncle is you will understand as soon as you look at his picture…


My crazy Uncle Somerset.

Yup. This is Uncle Somerset. He is 45. He is tall. I think he is 187 centimetres tall. And he is not slim he is really thin and pale-looking. He never goes to the gym and since he lives alone he doesn’t have anyone to prepare nice dinners for him. Maybe that’s why he’s gone a little crazy. Look at him. He is sitting outside in winter while snow is falling in his light woollen coat. I know for a fact that he has a warm parka and a woollen scarf at home but he doesn’t like to wear them and so freezes occasionally. Anyway, he has a handsome thin face. He never wears a beard or a moustache. His hair is slightly wavy brown and short. He combs his hair every morning. He wears glasses because he is short-sighted. He is a teacher so he has to wear smart clothes most of the time. In this photograph, he is wearing a dark-blue suit a light-blue shirt and a red striped tie. Luckily for him, he has his winter boots on. If it hadn’t been for them he would have frozen while this picture was being taken. He looks tense and worried in this picture and very very cold, but actually my uncle Somerset is very kind and clever.

выучите 37 слов и выражений для этой темы

What does he/she look like? set phrase - - Как он/она выглядит?
height n uncount [haɪt] высота, рост
How tall are you? set phrase intr - Какого вы роста?
I'm 175 centimetres tall. set phrase - - Мой рост - 175 сантиметров.
tall adj - [ʹtɔ:l] высокий, высокого роста
of average height adj - [əvˈæv.ᵊr.ɪʤhaɪt] среднего роста
short adj - [ʹʃɔ:t] маленького роста, невысокий
weight n uncount [weɪt] вес
How much do you weigh? set phrase - - Сколько вы весите?
I weigh about 60 kilogrammes. set phrase - - Я вешу около 60 килограммов.
thin adj - [θɪn] тонкий
slim adj - [slɪm] стройный
fat adj - [fæt] толстый, жирный
age n uncount [eɪʤ] возраст
old adj - [ʹɜʊld] старый
middle-aged adj - [ˌmɪd.ᵊlˈeɪʤd] среднего возраста
young adj - [ʹjʌŋ] молодой, юный
hair n uncount [ʹheə] волосы
short adj - [ʹʃɔ:t] короткий
shoulder-length adj - [ˈʃəʊl.dəˌleŋk θ] (о волосах) доходящие до плеч
long adj - [ʹlɒŋ] длинный
straight adj - [streɪt] прямой
wavy adj - [ˈweɪ.v|i] волнистый
curly adj - [ˈkɜː.l|i] кудрявый
blond adj - [blɒnd] белокурый, светлый
red adj - [red] рыжий(о волосах)
brown adj - [braʊn] коричневый
black adj - [blæk] чёрный
grey adj - [ʹgreɪ] седой (о волосах)
eye n count [aɪ] глаз
green adj - [griːn] зелёный
blue adj - [bluː] синий
grey adj - [ʹgreɪ] серый
brown adj - [braʊn] коричневый
to keep fit . set phrase - - поддерживать хорошую физическую форму
to be on a diet . adj - - быть на диете
to go to a gym . set phrase - - ходить/заниматься в спортзале/спортцентре