ОГЭ 9 Тема: В Внешность и характеристики человека




о чём говорить в этой теме:

Appearance – Внешний вид

What does he/she look like?                    Как он/она выглядит? (т.е. Фигура.)


HEIGHT                                                        рост

- How tall are you?

- I am 175 centimetres tall.


tall                                                                 высокий

of average height                                       среднего роста

short                                                              низкого роста


for his age                                                    для своего возраста


WHEIGHT                                                    вес

- How much do you weigh?

- I weigh about 60 kg.


thin                                                                худой

slim                                                               стройный

of average weight                                       плотного телосложения

overweight                                                   толстый



How does he/she look?                            Как он/она выглдит? (т.е. по вашему мнению.)


He/She is (very) good-looking                 Он/Она (очень) красивый/красивая.

He is (very) handsome                              Он (очень) красивый. (только про мужчин)

He/She is (very) attractive                         Она/Она (очень) привлекательный/привлекательная.

She is beautiful.                                         Она крсаивая. (только про женщин)

She is plain.                                                Она некрасивая. (только про женщин)

He/She is not (very) good-looking.          Он/Она не (очень) красивый/красивая.

He/She is not very attractive.                    Он/Она не очень привлекательный/привлекательная.



exercise bike                                                           treadmill                                barbell




KEEPING FIT                                              поддерживать спортивную форму

- Do you follow a diet?                               вы на диете / вы соблюдаете какую-нибудь диету?

- Yes, I am on a diet. I have lost 5kgs

since winter                                                 Да, я на диете. Я сбросил 5 килограммов с зимы.


to get fit                                                         набрать физическую форму

to lose some weight                                               сбросить некоторое количество веса

Exercise is the best way to get fit and

to stay fit                                                                   упражнения – лучший способ набрать физическую форму и сохранить её

to do aerobics                                              заниматься аэробикой

to use the exercise bike                            заниматься на велотренажёре

to exercise different parts of your body  упражнять разные часть тела

to join a gym                                                записаться в спортивный центр


тексты на эту тему:

What does he look like?

I can describe my English teacher. His name is Severus Snape. He is around forty. He is tall and a little overwheight. His hair is black and curly. It is rather short. He has a round pleasant face. His eyes are dark grey. His mouth is big and his teeth are white and good. He has a big nose. My Physical Education teacher is quite old. He is very tall but thin. He has very little hair and all his hair is white. His smiling eyes are light-blue. His lips are thin and his face is white but his arms are still strong and shapely. He has some bad teeth. He taught my parents many years ago but he was young then. He was tall and of average wheight. He had lots of curly dark hair. His face was often pink and his lips were red. His teeth were white and good. He liked his pupils and loved playing games with them.


How does he/she look?

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. She loves her job but it can be very tiring. So she often looks tired. She works long hours and she has to look smart all the time. She loves her suits. All her suits are fashionable and expensive. Her problem is, in her company they all look the same – it’s a bit like wearing a uniform, but she knows she has to do it, especially if she is going to be in court that day. She doesn’t think the judge will be very happy if she arrives wearing a tracksuit and trainirs.


Kelly Rohrbach is a lifeguard. Some people think that her job is easy. Lots of her friends are very jealous. They say I just have to stand around all day in a swimming costume, looking good. Of course that’s not true, she is responsible for the safety of this whole area, so she has to concentrate hard. She can’ relax for a minute. Also her job is not very good for her looks. They all wear the same red T-shirt and shorts, which are not very stylish and she has to wear a hat and lots of sun cream every day, otherwise she cant get badly burnt.


Margaret Smith is an actor. When she was in her twenties she was very good-looking and she used to get great parts. She remembers in one play sje wore the most beautiful long silk dresses, there were about 10 of them in total. Luckily theywere quite loose because sometimes she only had two minutes to take one dress off and out another one on, before she had to go back on stage. Now, thinks are a bit different. She generally plays middle-aged women dressed in woollen skirts and sweaters and flat shoes, the kind of clothes she wears in real life! She still has to get in and out of them in two minutes though.


Katerine Moss is a fashion model. There is a lot of travelling involved in her job and she spends a lot of time in hotels, so she buys clothes that don’t need much ironing when she takes them out of the suitcase. She doesn’t own that many clothes, which some people find surprising. Her jeans are her favourite things – she wears them all the time. Of course when she is working she wears most fantastic things, designed by the top people in the business, but most of those clothes are not very comfortable, and not even her style.




It is a strange question, why people need different clothes. I have different clothes because they keep me warm and dry in different kinds of weather. My clothes also help me to look good. I hate uniforms though. I think uniforms look boring. But I have to wear my school uniform. After school I wear jeans, sweaters or T-shirts. My parents wear suits to work and they put on smart clothes when they go out in the evening. Some people often change their clothes, but I don’t. I like to wear the same clothes all the time. I make sure that my clothes are clean and neat. It is easy to understand why we need different clothes for different seasons in Russia. No one can survive a winter in Russia without fur coats, thick jackets, fur hats, scarves, boots, gloves or mittens. In spring it starts raining instead of snowing and we have to wear raincoats. My parents say that it is important to wear the right clothes to the right places. Of course I can’t come to school in a tracksuit. But I still don’t understand why have to wear the ugly uniform all the time.



Joining a Gym

Last year I decided to join a gym so I found a classmate of mine who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I caught up with him after school one day. I asked him if he knew a good gym near our school. He said there was one and then he suddenly asked why I wanted to join a gym in the first place. I didn’t want to tell him that I wanted to look like him so I said that I wanted to lose some weight and to get generally fit. He asked me what kind of exercises I was planning to do at the gym. I said I wanted to use the exercise bike mostly and that I wanted to use the barbell. He said that I had to exercise different parts of my body to get really fit. And he told me that he would wa



выучите 37 слов и выражений для этой темы

What does he/she look like? set phrase - - Как он/она выглядит?
height n uncount [haɪt] высота, рост
How tall are you? set phrase intr - Какого вы роста?
I'm 175 centimetres tall. set phrase - - Мой рост - 175 сантиметров.
tall adj - [ʹtɔ:l] высокий, высокого роста
of average height adj - [əvˈæv.ᵊr.ɪʤhaɪt] среднего роста
short adj - [ʹʃɔ:t] маленького роста, невысокий
weight n uncount [weɪt] вес
How much do you weigh? set phrase - - Сколько вы весите?
I weigh about 60 kilogrammes. set phrase - - Я вешу около 60 килограммов.
thin adj - [θɪn] тонкий
slim adj - [slɪm] стройный
fat adj - [fæt] толстый, жирный
age n uncount [eɪʤ] возраст
old adj - [ʹɜʊld] старый
middle-aged adj - [ˌmɪd.ᵊlˈeɪʤd] среднего возраста
young adj - [ʹjʌŋ] молодой, юный
hair n uncount [ʹheə] волосы
short adj - [ʹʃɔ:t] короткий
shoulder-length adj - [ˈʃəʊl.dəˌleŋk θ] (о волосах) доходящие до плеч
long adj - [ʹlɒŋ] длинный
straight adj - [streɪt] прямой
wavy adj - [ˈweɪ.v|i] волнистый
curly adj - [ˈkɜː.l|i] кудрявый
blond adj - [blɒnd] белокурый, светлый
red adj - [red] рыжий(о волосах)
brown adj - [braʊn] коричневый
black adj - [blæk] чёрный
grey adj - [ʹgreɪ] седой (о волосах)
eye n count [aɪ] глаз
green adj - [griːn] зелёный
blue adj - [bluː] синий
grey adj - [ʹgreɪ] серый
brown adj - [braʊn] коричневый
to keep fit . set phrase - - поддерживать хорошую физическую форму
to be on a diet . adj - - быть на диете
to go to a gym . set phrase - - ходить/заниматься в спортзале/спортцентре