ОГЭ 9 Тема: В Характер человека


Different facial expressions are illustrating different emotions.


о чём говорить в этой теме:

Character – Характер

What is he/she like?       Какой он/она по характеру?

Ron doesn't like working, he is rather lazy.       Рон не любит работать, он довольно ленив.

Hermione is one of the best pupils in her class, she is rather clever.        Гермиона – одна из лучших учениц в классе. Она довольно умная.

Draco can eat all the sweets without giving any to his friends, he is rather selfish and greedy.       Драко может съесть все сладости, не поделившись со своими друзьями. Он довольно эгоистичный и жадный.

Luna always says what she thinks, she is honest.       Луна всегда говорит то, что думает, она честная.

Harry can ride any horse, he is so brave.       Гарри может ездить верхом на любой лошади, он такой храбрый.

Lavender always takes the best desk in the classroom. She is rather selfish.       Лавендер всегда занимает лучшую парту в классе. Она довольно эгоистичная.

We all like Neville. He is always ready to help his friends. Everybody thinks he is kind and friendly.       Нам всем нравится Невил. Он всегда готов помочь своим друзьям. Все думают что он очень добрый и дружелюбный.

Not long ago Harry went to the park at midnight. He thought it was a brave thing to do, but I think it was stupid.       Не так давно Гарри пошел в парк в полночь. Он думал, что он поступил смело, но я думаю это было глупо.

When Hermione saw somebody's money on the park bench, she took the money to the police station. Hermione is very honest.       Когда Гермиона увидела чьи-то деньги на скамейке в парке, она отнесла их в полицейский участок. Гермиона – очень честная.



тексты на эту тему:

Two young friends are sharing a moment during an exercise session in a park.

Why We Like Each Other

Hi! My name is Bella. I am going to talk about my friend Mary and me and our characters and personalities. I met Mary in High School. I didn’t have any friends in Forks and she came up and talked to me. She is always like that. She is great fun. It is interesting because we are complete opposites. She is very happy to meet new people, but I am very shy. She is very sociable and I am quiet. She is very sporty and I am a couch potato. But it wasn’t important then. We became friends and shared a flat for two years. I am very organized and I did most of the housework. Mary is not very tidy and she can be lazy around the house. But she is a great cook and a really nice person. I am not a very friendly person. Friends say that I am kind but not particularly nice. I am clever but not relaxed enough to chat for hours with Mary for example. Mary says that I need to be less serious around friends, but I can’t. I feel that I will look stupid if I am not serious enough. Mary is right though, I do need to be more relaxed. I also like to be on my own a lot. This is something that Mary cannot tolerate even for an hour. She has to be with people ALL THE TIME. Let’s see if I have some really bad character traits. I am not sure, but not because I don’t want to admit having them but simply because I haven’t been in those kinds of situations a lot where such character traits as greed, cowardice, or uncontrollable anger come out. For example, I don’t think I am a greedy person but, then, I have never been really out of money. So, I don’t know if I could be greedy if I am down to my last penny. And I have never been in a really dangerous situation, so I wouldn’t know if I am a coward or if I could be brave and save somebody’s life. I don’t think I am selfish. Mary wouldn’t share a flat with me if I were. But then, Mary is very kind and she wouldn’t tell me if I behaved selfishly towards her. Actually, I much prefer to talk about other people’s characters than about my own. Discussing my own character is boring. I think it takes all Mary’s patience and kindness when I want to talk to her about my personal problems honestly and she agrees to listen and even gives me advice. I don’t know what I would do without a friend like Mary. Some things I share with her I couldn’t even share with my boyfriend.

выучите 31 слов и выражений для этой темы

friendly adj - [ˈfrend.l|i] дружелюбный, дружеский
kind adj - [kaind] добрый, сердечный, любезный
nice adj - [naɪs] хороший, приятный
fun n intr [fʌn] шутка, веселье
he is great fun . adj phrase - - он очень забавен, с ним очень интересно/весело
funny adj - [ˈfʌn|.i] забавный, смешной
relaxed adj - [rɪˈlækst] спокойный, расслабленный
clever adj - [ˈklev|.əʳ] умный, способный, даровитый
quiet adj - [kwaɪət] спокойный, тихий
serious adj - [ˈsɪə.ri.əs] серьёзный, важный
honest adj - [ˈɒn.ɪst] честный, правдивый
brave adj - [breɪv] смелый
selfish adj - [ˈsel.fɪʃ] эгоистичный, эгоистический
stupid adj - [ˈstjuː.pɪd] глупый, тупой
lazy adj - [ˈleɪ.z|i] ленивый
greedy adj - [ˈgriː.d|i] жадный
to be on one's own . adv phrase - - самостоятельно, наедине
opposite n count [ˈɒp.ə.zɪt] противоположность
to be happy to meet new people . adj phrase - - быть приветливым
shy adj - [ʃ|aɪ] застенчивый, робкий
sociable adj - [ˈsəʊ.ʃə.b|ᵊl] общительный, дружеский
sporty adj - [ˈspɔː.t|i] (о челов.) спортивный, лихой
organized adj - [ˈɔː.gᵊn.aɪzd] организованный, дисциплинированный
tidy adj - [ʹtaɪdɪ] опрятный, аккуратный
to be a great cook . adj phrase - - уметь хорошо готовить
boring adj - [ʹbɔ:rɪŋ] скучный
patient adj - [ˈpeɪ.ʃᵊnt] терпеливый
cowardly adv - [ˈkaʊəd.l|i] трусливый
angry adj - [ʹӕŋgrɪ] злой
What is he/she like ? adj phrase - - Каков(а) она/он по характеру?
calm adj - [kɑːm] спокойный