The talking points for: frozen pizza and other slices of life7

Why was Nicole Leconte glad that the train was on time?
How did Nicole bump into Melanie?
What unreasonavle assumption did Nicole make about Melanie's identity?
Shouldn't Nicole have started asking questions after Melanie had call her a star?
Was Nicole greedy?
What were some of Nicole's recollections of her previous experiences at English hotels?
What was Nicole going to talk at the university about?
How was Melanie feeling about meeting Nicole on time?
What was some of the small talk Nicole and Melanie made during their lunch?
How did Nicole and Melanie get to talking about music?
When Nicole Leconte saw the festival programme again with Louise Conte's name on it, shouldn't she have connected the dots?
What did Melanie tell Nicole about Norwich?
Where did Melanie bring Nicole after lunch?
Who unmasked the unsuspecting Nicloe at the festival office?
What did the woman with red hair say to Melanie?
What did people usually said to a music graduate according to Melanie?
Why did Melanie blame Louise Conte for that case of mistaken identity?
Was Melanie or Louise stupid?
How did a friend of Melanie's ruin another attempted concert by Louise Conte?