The talking points for: the lady in white1

What were John and Jenny doing in the office?
What were they?
Why were they dancing and why didn't they want the moment to go away?
Whose brainchild was the series?
Why was Jenny so interested in what the boss had said?
Who was about to get a rise?
Do you think that John's phrase about believing in something and then it becoming true was dangerous?
What did Rachel mean to John?
Did Jenny seem to know the whole truth about their recent troubles?
What was John looking at with the telephone receiver in his hand?
Was he subconsciously delaying the call?
What did he think of the view and why his television company had such expensive offices?
What brought him back to reality?
What were the symptoms that John had been observing in Rachel?
Who was the object of her fixation?
What kept her in doors for days and what was she afraid of most of all?
Did Rachel ever tell me what she was trying to protect Patrick from?