The talking points for: the lady in white6

Why did Jenny call one of the men who had seen the hitch-hiker?
What did John ask her after she had finished calling?
Why did Jenny decide to call the police?
Where did that call lead them?
Why did it take them a long time to find the police station in the neighboring village?
What kind of police station was it?
Who met them inside the house?
What did he look like?
Why did Jenny think that John was losing control?
What did Jenny see inside the policemanís living room?
What did she learn about the man who lived there?
What did the policeman say when Jenny had told him why they had come?
What prompted the policeman to recall the SCA?
What did the policeman say about the accident?
Why did John suddenly react when the policeman had mentioned that it was a rainy night?
What questions did John and Jenny ask in chorus?
Why was it unnecessary to say if the baby was a boy and what age it was?