The talking points for: the lady in white7

How did the policeman speak as he was recalling the story?
What did the police learn about the woman in London?
What did her neighbours think about her what did they wonder about?
Who was the only visitor the woman received?
Who did the second woman seem to be?
What did she look like?
What happened that helped the policeman to remember the strange part of the story? What was the strange part of the story?
Who was driving after John and Jenny had left the police station?
Where did John ask Jenny to stop?
What was the same and what was different in John's story from the story the three men had told?
Why was it that the similarities were so eerie?
How was John taking all this?
What were Jenny's arguments as she was trying to help John out of his stupor?
How did Jenny explain the appearances of the woman in white?
How did Jenny explain her disappearances from the scenes of near accidents?
Did Jenny succeed in putting John's fears to rest for a time?