The talking points for: the lady in white11

Why did John always prepare his clothes the night before he went to work?
What made John's stomach misbehave this time?
Why didn't Rachel notice any sign of trouble at dinner that time?
What symptoms of madness did John start to display the following morning?
Why did he let himself be dragged in into this nightmare again?
What thoughts raced through his inflamed brain?
Do you think it was like one of those music videos for Pink Floyd?
Whose scream did he hear in the middle of the night?
Why did he check the wardrobe?
Did he have to put on one of the saddest songs on the British Islands as he was driving to work?
Did he start crying because of the song or because he felt sorry for himself?
Why can't a mad person accept that he or she is mad?
Why didn't John seek psychiatric help?